Installation as Concept

Installation spaces permit an immersive sensorial engagement with a set of data, enabling an immediate experience with non-textual information. In anthropology, challenging field experiences form the empirical basis of theoretical claims, yet the presentation of research findings often overshadows the field experiences themselves. Installation spaces permit us to present multimedia recordings gathered from the field and allow them to be experienced directly by an audience. Sensory immersion in other human life-worlds can elicit experiences of alterity that challenge established conceptual frameworks, and encourage the articulation of new ontologies. 

Favela Transmission (2016)

Morro da Babilônia, Rio de Janeiro 

This piece used six projectors to present recorded interviews of the favela's oldest residents onto the walls of the community's distinctive architecture. By creating an audiovisual trajectory through the favela's alleyways where elders recounted their oral histories, the walls became a site for the engagement with local pasts. In the context of a rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood where many feel that community relations have been ruptured, this piece aimed to encourage dialogue between new visitors and older community members.

This project was articulated in collaboration with local residents and community leaders, and is part of a broader initiative which seeks to document this favela's rich cultural history.